Zone Show #1

10 April 2006

KnitWitch Is Back!

  • KnitWitch delivers some thank you’s to helpful folks
  • The temporary forums are posted – go check it out!
  • Zone Review – AerynCrichton’s Farscape Fanfiction Library, “Come Let Me Whisper” & Revelations, IGN’s X-Men 3 article
  • Part 1 of Interview with Matthew Wayne Selznick
  • Zone Interverse News #2 – Droids, Narnia & Sports
  • Storytelling Feature – Brave Men Run, chapters 1-3
  • Voicemail/Email – just ignore what I say & you’ll get what I mean
  • Zone Query – What’s your favorite scifi/fantasy themed song? Shatner’s version of “Rocket Man”, or maybe “Skull Crusher Mountain”? Tell us what it is and where to find it so KnitWitch can possibly play it on the show.
  • Please post your comments and feedback on the blog or send us a voicemail or email



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Direct download: Zone Show #1

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